Islamic Funeral & Death Rites course – Jan 2014

This event was further graced by a surprise visit by Habib Ali ibn Sheikh Abu Bakar ibn Salim, a Ulama from Yemen who supplicated Du’a for the event and the Muslims in Singapore.

Islamic Funeral & Death Rites course (English) at Masjid Sultan

PJSB begins 2014 with a major event on Islamic Funeral & Death Rites course conducted in English at Masjid Sultan auditorium. This event was a collaboration with to bring awareness of this Fardhu Kifayyah act. A record breaking of 380 participants attended this course between 18 – 19 January 2014 and we saw a number of non malay speaking Muslims, particularly our revert brothers and sisters as this course was conducted in English. It was a one and half day course which consists of one day theory lesson and half day practical lesson which allowed the participants to have hands on practice on mock showering and shroudering of a mayit.

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