10 December 2013. After attending the 1st Islamic Funeral Rites through Islamicevents.sg and PJSB last July 2013, Manager of Relationship & Training at Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), Ms Rozi Faith, felt the need to offer PJSB support through Co-operative, realising our mission &amp vision, which sounded very promising and is definitely a good cause for our society mainly the Muslims in Singapore.

In the meeting, Operations Manager & Imam at PJSB, Ashraf Wan, quoted, “This wonderful meeting is what seems to be sunrays behind a dark cumulo nimbus cloud…” refering to the refreshing exchange of views and ideas especially for a small business entity like PJSB. It is definitely an opportunity for us to consider to keep growing according to the Syariahs &amp Sunnahs of Islam yet in line with modernisation and legislated.

PJSB is aiming to grow to better in all aspects, not only providing bereavement service, but also to serve the local Muslim community, especially the more in need, in every way possible. SNCF could channel us through a legislated path guiding us into achieving PJSB’s aims and visions.

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